Pragmatic Point of Views

Struggling to see results from capability investments? Don’t have the time to deeply evaluate the investment ROI? Fighting internal resistance to change? Need more learning than your company can provide? 

Learn from Council's pragmatic points of views to navigate these and many more complexities, technologies, and organizational obstacles faced by thousands of colleagues around the world. You’ll leave with best practices and relevant case studies from real-world change agents in pharma thriving at the intersection of commercial, marketing, technology, and management.


Executive Summaries

"Digital Reset" For The New Normal - Interview Summary

A summary of 15 research interviews, conducted with Digital Council Members in April 2020, highlighting the current state of affairs and different ways in which life sciences organizations are responding to the current environment.

Executive Summary: 2019 Indegene Digital Summit

In a first of its kind symposium on digital transformation and customer experience in life sciences, 35+ industry leaders from Life Sciences, Google, Microsoft and Amazon came together to uncover “How pharma can embrace the fundamental shift from an era of blockbuster drugs to an era of blockbuster customer experience.” 

The day-long agenda included 9 sessions, focusing on customer experience transformation, future of digital supply chain, next-gen capabilities, and limitless potential of data and analytics. 

Decoding The Power of Digital Evolution

Executive Summary from Digital Council's 1st round table Discussion in 2018-19. 


Pharmaceutical organizations are sprinting to keep pace with the changes brought about by digital technology. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Social Media, Mobile, and Cloud are some of the disruptive innovations that are starting to transform the healthcare industry, making it imperative for pharma organizations to identify the right digital initiatives to scale and evolve and, as a result, delight their customers.


PharmaFuture Leader Interview Web Series

PharmaFuture Digital Council is excited to share PharmaFuture Leader Interview Web Series featuring Tara Stewart, Thomas Thestrup-Terp, Uwe Dalichow, Marc Schwartz, Raakhi Khera Sippy, John McCarthy, and Marc Valdiviezo.


In this 6-episode series, these leaders share their insights on key drivers enabling a shift in the industry's focus from Blockbuster Drugs to Blockbuster Customer Experience.

Episode 01 thumbnail 768p.jpg


What are the key digital trends for 2020 and beyond in healthcare? Is it precision medicine, customer centricity, or personalization to improve customer experience? Is pharma marketing moving at pace to match and align with scaling customer expectations rather than the old ways of working?

Episode 02 thumbnail 768p.jpg


How should pharma react to disruption coming from mainstream tech giants including Amazon, Google, and others, entering healthcare? Should pharma be afraid or embrace the opportunities?

Episode 03 768p.jpg


How should pharma approach its content supply chain? With a goal to have more and more varied content that can drive customer experience, how can pharma be truly dynamic like a content factory and start creating information agnostic of distribution channels?

Episode 04 thumbnail 768p.jpg


Where are the opportunities for Pharma to create value in the content supply chain? Is it the efficiency, speed, or scale? Why is it important for pharma’s content creation to be truly dynamic like a content factory?

Insights from 2019 Indegene Digital Summit

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Panel Discussion Summary

Customer Experience Transformation – Organizational Mindset Shift

CX transformation panel at Indegene Digital Summit, comprising of Nina (Christine) Belly, Dave Tang, Michelle Holcomb, Jeff French, and Marc Schwartz exchange ideas on how to rightly articulate Customer Experience in Pharma industry. 

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Panel Discussion Summary

Customer Journey and Engagement - Content Strategy

Content Strategy panel at Indegene Digital Summit, comprising of Tara Stewart, Raakhi K Sippy, Paul Tunnah, and John McCarthy discussed changing content needs as they are increasingly consuming content in micro formats or smaller chunks in their everyday lives.

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Panel Discussion Summary

Capability Reorganization: Next-Gen Marketer

Capability Reorganization panel, comprising of Tina Goyal, Nathan Bowmaker, Rob Lynch, Shan Ferry, and Craig McGettigan, emphasized on the need to reorganize capabilities in pharma through three different lenses - the mindset lens, the cultural lens, and the capability lens. 

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Panel Discussion Summary

Data and Analytics: Actionable

The Data & Analytics panel, comprising of David Kreutter, Barbara Salami, Ashish Sharma, Venu Gopalakrishnan, and Tim Van Tongeren discussed how every opportunity to influence pharma customers can be an entry point for data and analytics. 

State of Digital Evolution

Variation of Maturity Level across all levers in pharma today, based on member Interview research.
The majority of organizations are lagging behind in content maturity, indicating a clear need for more tailored and segmented content. 
Data Analytics
Organizations have either recently adopted analytics or made little progress in advancing the use of analytics.
Organizational, Cultural, and Infrastructural
Organizations seem to be doing well on these three levers, indicating not only a sound technology and structural base but also a strong will to digitally transform their operations.
With one exception, the quality of content operations falls around the center of the maturity continuum across firms.
The level of maturity across operations varies greatly, with different standards for quality of workflows and processes.
Variation of Maturity Level across All L