The Thought Leader Interview - Thomas Thestrup-Terp

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

In this interview, the Vice President of Commercial Operations at Novo Nordisk, contends that pharma must change its go-to-market offerings and improve efficient resource utilization across digital. An edited transcript of the conversation follows.

Indegene PharmaFuture: How do you think organizations should approach the content supply chain? What opportunities do you see here to create value?

Thomas: Thomas: Well, Novo Nordisk and many others are looking into the opportunity of decoupling creative generation of content with the production. Moreover, the reproduction and reuse of content is becoming more and more attractive as we increasingly use digital channels. It's not about not working with the traditional agencies of record anymore, but it is about doing what is most efficient at places that offer the best opportunity to create efficiencies, not just in terms of cost but also capacity.In terms of maximizing utility of content supply chain, we are focusing on 5 KPIs: Use of content, re-use of content, cost of content, quality of content, and time-to-market of content.

These KPIs are driven out of two needs. First, the need for efficiency, we simply need to be cost-conscious in the way we produce content. But foremost, I would say the anticipation of the content volume increasing rapidly as we embark on an increasingly digital and multi-channel communication with our customers (patients, payers or providers). I don't think it's anything new in the industry, but in terms of Novo Nordisk, we have started to prioritize this area. We are hoping to turn marketers from being tactical project managers into more strategic marketers, to free up their mind space and physical time to focus on creating unique customer experiences instead of producing fantastic marketing tactics for execution.

Indegene PharmaFuture: There is a certain amount of risk built into deploying new technologies and undertaking the digital journey. How do you ensure that these investments are fully leveraged and don’t end up as technology solutions that don’t impact the business?

Thomas: It's really not about the technology but the change of mind-set and the process in the organization. First and foremost, we're not doing any significant technology investments that are not already warranted. For example, let’s look at the need for approval of promotional material process - the benefits that we are getting from existing tools, we need to leverage them better within the organization. And that's according to me the main challenge. It’s not the technology challenge, it's all about utilizing that technology in the existing processes and changing minds.

And how to change minds? We need to go one step at a time and show the way forward to others. So, would this be possible in Novo Nordisk 5 years ago, what we are doing in terms of optimizing the digital content supply chain? – No, because there wasn’t a burning platform to bring about these changes at that time. If it isn’t broke, don't fix it, as they say, but I think industry is kind of coming to the conclusion that this model will be broken soon if we are to embark on significantly more channels of communication.

Indegene PharmaFuture: We’re now moving towards an era of patient-centric, evidence-driven, and outcome-focused healthcare, what are the key 1-2 trends that you see playing out in 2019 and beyond?

Thomas: In the next 2-5 years, we will see a lot more data coming in on our customers. The pharmaceutical industry is lagging behind compared to other industries in terms of knowledge of their customers. I'm not talking about clinical data here. We have plenty of that. What I'm talking about is Real World data and UIRL (Use In Real Life) data on both patients and HCPs. Especially the 'Digital Footprint' of HCPs, where we will get more insights in terms of content consumption, preference, channel affinity etc.

It's up to us to treat and derive insights in a decent and ethical manner and that is not something we've had to focus on earlier because we have had great products. We still have great products, but the marketplace is changing and we need to become more savvy and insightful around how our doctors prefer to interact with us and how we stay simple, relevant, and trustworthy in our communication. We need a new insights and information around that.

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